19 Underrated Prepping Items

19 Underrated Prepping Items

19 Underrated Prepping Items. In the prepping world, there are a number of things that are frequently talked about. Weapons, food, paracord, ammo. Everybody has an opinion on their favorite ammo or how to store rice and beans, and how to make a paracord bracelet. 

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I’m no different. I’ll talk about all of these things if someone wants to listen! But the reality is these are common topics and sometimes overrated in preps simply because everybody talks about them. 

The basics are often boring, underrated, and overlooked. Talking about socks isn’t exactly cool or a common topic of conversation. The only time I talk about my socks is when a buddy comes over to my house because it’s cute and funny that we wear matching socks. Like, look! Someone else with great taste in socks! But that’s the extent of my normal sock conversations. 

Boring Doesn’t Mean Unimportant

Just because a topic is boring does not diminish the importance, which is where this list of 19 underrated prepping items comes from. This list is really where the basics start, and the basics are boring, but should never be ignored. 

19 Underrated Prepping Items


Stop and think about how often you use a towel of any sort during a normal day. Paper towel, shower towel, wash cloth, dish towel, the list goes on. Count how many times in a single day that you use a towel, and you’ll be sure to include this in your preps! 


Knowledge is power! Use it. There is no time like the present to learn something new, and write it down. Right now we have phones, blogs like mine and many others, YouTube, and so much more. But that may not always be around. Take notes or print things out that will come in handy later. Never stop learning. 

Just have a backup plan on how to store that information, like taking notes you physically keep using pen and paper. Another great option that I’ve adapted is to keep an eReader in my Faraday Cage


I love to keep things organized! I may have a bit of OCD about it, as you can probably tell with how I’ve organized my pantry, but it is incredibly helpful. Prepping is useless if it is scattered everywhere and nothing can be found. Prepping without organization is simply hoarding. In an emergency, disorganization leads to extra stress, and nobody needs that. 

Organization can be as simple as a Ziplock bag or a pencil case to keep things in one place, or a storage bin that is labelled. For example, I have bandaids stored in large Ziplock bags, labelled as small, medium, large, or anything special. They are all in a drawer that I can open and find the correct bag I need. Then I’m done and taking care of the issue. Good organization really can be that simple! 


Socks can literally be the difference between life and death. That sounds dramatic, I know. But our socks need to be changed to keep our feet dry and warm. Wet socks are the easiest way for hypothermia to start setting in when outdoors. It is easy to become disoriented, get lost, and eventually lead to death. 

Find whatever brand of socks that work the best for you, and start stocking up on them! Keep a good supply at home, and then stash some in your bug out bag, in the trunk of the car, and anywhere else you may find you’ll need them. 


Just like having good quality socks, shoes are just as important. The more we take care of our feet, the happier the entire body is! It all starts with the feet. 

I stash an extra pair of shoes in my vehicle, and in my bug out bag, just like I do with my socks. I’m notorious for walking out of the house in crappy flip flops meant to just be worn around the house, and get halfway to a destination and realize I forgot to put on shoes. It is usually when my feet start hurting from trying to do anything in flip flops that I realize this error. 

Having that extra pair of shoes and socks makes a huge difference because it saves me time, gas, and money. Even bigger than the time and money, it saves me discomfort and 


The biggest lie we tell ourselves is that we will remember things. I’m here to tell you that it takes seconds to become distracted by something and completely forget what we just told ourselves we would remember. Write it down! 

This can be anything, a list, notes, observations, or any other useful information. My planner is filled with daily notes of things I’m working on, when a blog post is due, weather, when a bill was paid, and so much more. I will never remember these things otherwise, which is why even a basic notepad is essential to all preppers. I keep them everywhere, and they are not expensive. 


Nobody carries a checkbook these days and many businesses do not take checks. That option for paying for things is out in an emergency. If the power is out, credit and debit cards will not be an option. What else is there? Good old fashioned green paper money! 

Cash is the one thing that will always be an accepted form of payment. Always keep cash on hand, because it can be essential to everyday emergencies. Power goes out, debit or credit cards can be stolen, the list goes on, and I’m sure you’ve encountered these issues before. 

Extra Glasses and Sunglasses 

If you wear glasses, you will want to keep at least one extra pair as a backup because glasses break fairly easy. Sunglasses are just as important to protect our eyes. Also having an eyeglass repair kit will serve you very well in an emergency! 

Sunscreen and Bug Spray

Sunburns and bug bites aren’t just minor annoyances. They can seriously hurt us! Bugs carry diseases that they pass off when they bite you. Sunburns can lead to skin cancer, serious burns that get infected, and then there’s the pain and inability to regulate body temperature. 

All of these things can cause the need for medical attention, and that may not be available in a true emergency. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure! This applies in many areas of this list, but here more than most. 

Hand Sanitizer 

Hand sanitizer isn’t just for hands. Learn how to make your own here. It may be absolutely necessary when traditional hand washing isn’t an option. 

It also functions (if it has alcohol in it) as a fire starter! I am a huge fan of items that serve multiple purposes, and this is a perfect example of that. 

Pet Supplies 

My cat has his own bug out bag for this reason. Pets have needs right along with people. Make sure you have food, water, any necessary medications, and toys for your furry friend. 


If you have kids, this category is important for you! This is one of the reasons I keep cards and a puzzle book in my Blackout Box. Morale is essential for our sanity and making it through tough situations. I find this especially true with pets and small children. They know something is going on, but we can’t really explain it to them. We just have to work to create the best environment to make it through a tough situation. 


Remember back in the wars when soldiers kept pictures in their foot lockers? Why? For morale. To remember the life they had at home, what they’re fighting for, and to keep them going. Everyone needs that in an emergency situation, because it is really easy to get caught up in the stress and negativity of whatever is happening. Printed pictures are a big morale booster, and an essential! 

Feminine Hygiene 

I think this is the least talked about prepper item out there. Why? Well, it’s gross and really boring. But the truth is that it’s something every woman out there deals with, including me. It is important to prepare for something that occurs literally every month for a large portion of our lives. It certainly isn’t going to stop in an emergency! 

Reusable items like this are even better than the traditional options. 

Sewing Kit 

Sewing is so often viewed as “women’s work” and therefore ignored in prepping. Guns and ammo are more fun than sewing, right? Yep. But the reality is that the ability to fix clothing and gear along the way is important. Here is the one I use. 

Cooking Oil and Spices 

8 spices every prepper needs. Spices are great because they make food taste better, and there is nothing worse than bland food, especially in an emergency. Cooking oils like olive and coconut oil can double for beauty products and not just cooking. 

Dental Hygiene 

Dental hygiene affects the entire body, not just your mouth. There is a risk for infections that can turn deadly, along with a host of other things. Always keep dental hygiene products on hand! They don’t expire, and aren’t expensive either. 

Hygiene Products 

Hygiene products include hair care, nail care, and soap. None of these things are really expensive, and last forever. There is no reason to ignore personal hygiene in an emergency. 


Choosing the proper clothing for the region you live in is essential. This will vary from place to place too, so pick what is the best for you. Cotton is bad for the cold, and especially rainy weather. But it is amazing in hot weather. 

19 Underrated Prepping Items Notes 

Do you have anything that should be added to this list? Let me know your thoughts in the comments! 

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19 Underrated Prepping Items

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  • Diana Davies

    Hand sanitiser! Great stuff! If you’ve been working hard and are a bit ”aromatic” just slap some of that stuff on your stinky pits, and you’re good to go. Refreshing too!

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