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As many of you know, I’ve become a Thrive Life consultant, and I talk about my orders here every month. Thrive Life is a wonderful company that makes freeze dried food. 

Freeze drying foods is a preservation method, just like canning, dehydrating, and freezing. What is wonderful about freeze dried food is that the process is gentle, meaning more nutrients are maintained and not lost in the process. Therefore it is as close to fresh as possible in terms of structural integrity, nutrients, and taste. 

Every month I’ve been sharing my orders with you and my thoughts on it, and here is the next one. One of my big goals has been to find items that fit into my household easily and will cut down on food waste. Food waste is an issue because it is literally throwing money in the trash can when something is wasted. As I’ve been ordering from Thrive Life, I’ve also been developing recipes with these foods. I’ll link a couple at the end as well. 

Here is my latest Thrive Life order: 


I am a huge fan of Thrive Life corn. It is great when added to a meal, especially in place of canned corn because there are no preservatives and it tastes fresh. Corn also makes a fantastic snack. I keep a pantry size can in my office on my desk. When I get busy on a project and can’t take a break, this is a perfect healthy snack in place of potato chips. Because the corn has been freeze dried, it has a different texture straight out of the can. It is crunchy, and that appeals to me in terms of wanting a snack. 

Corn is the staple item on our list every month because we use it for both meals and snacks. If I had to pick one thing we use consistently and run out of, it is corn. 


Thrive Life mushrooms have been out of stock every single time I’ve placed an order up until now. Needless to say, I was excited to get my hands on a can! Mushrooms are always wasted because they dry out quickly. 

We keep canned mushrooms in the pantry for when fresh isn’t an option, but they are gross. Let’s just be honest here. Canned mushrooms make me gag. They absorb all the liquid from the can, and take like aluminum. Sometimes I think just chewing on the can would taste better than the actual contents in the can. 

Thrive Life mushrooms are a huge improvement to canned mushrooms! They are perfect for stir fry, soups like my steak and beer, and fried rice. I can see why the demand for these is so high. 


Blackberries are much like raspberries when buying them in the store. They are rarely fresh, expensive, and about to start molding. From the stores in my area, I have maybe two days to eat my blackberries, and even less on raspberries. 

These are the perfect alternative. They are delicious, really ripe, and tastes great. I will be making blackberry oatmeal cookies with these soon. Keep an eye out for that recipe! 

Blackberries are also a perfect snack. I eat them straight out of the can. Or, a favorite way to enjoy both blackberries and raspberries is in a bowl with some half and half. The best part about these is that I don’t have to add sugar! Normally when I buy fresh and eat them this way, I add copious amounts of sugar because the berries are too sour. 


I don’t know about anyone else, but I do a thanksgiving of sorts in May or June every year. It is that last really big heavy meal before summer gets going and grilling season starts. My favorite thing about this is my apple cranberry sauce recipe. The problem here is finding cranberries in the store. There is absolutely no chance to find fresh, and less than ten percent chance of finding frozen cranberries. 

This is an excellent alternative because I have cranberries all year long! I also enjoyed these straight out of the can as a snack. Another great option that I was inspired to create was a trail mix from them. Nathan and I went hiking earlier in the week, and we are always hungry along the way. This was the perfect opportunity to make a trail mix! 

I mixed Thrive Life cranberries, almonds, and M&Ms together. Peanuts and raisins can also be added in for more sweetness, protein, and texture. I’ll be writing a recipe for that soon. This was just an experiment to see if it would work and taste good. I’m so glad it did! 


I love peaches. Although that isn’t something most people would guess about me because I so rarely eat them. Peaches from the store are very hard to buy because of ripeness. I never manage to pick good ones for myself. Canned peaches make me gag because of the slimy texture. I feel like I’m putting a wet slug in my mouth and swallowing it. 

Thrive Life peaches are an excellent alternative to this. Trying to pick out a great fresh peach is no longer a problem, and I can enjoy them without the nasty texture of canned peaches. I add these to smoothies and cottage cheese quite a bit. Peaches can also be blended into a powder for a perfect flavor profile in juice or tea. 


One of my biggest complaints in my household is always the need to run to the store for small things to add to a recipe. Things like mushrooms that we can’t simply keep on hand when we have everything else for a recipe. Nathan volunteers to run by the store on his way home from work when it is needed. But I always feel like it is such a waste of time and gas to go for a couple little things. But I am never happy with the canned alternatives either. With our Thrive Life orders, we have been able to stop those tiny stupid grocery store trips! We now go to the store once a month on average. 

We have also cut down on food waste significantly as well, and that is my favorite part. Food waste is literally throwing money in the trash can, and the proverbial money tree is experiencing a drought right now. Saving money by not wasting things is a really big deal! 

The fact that freeze dried food has a shelf life of 25 years makes this a perfect option for preppers and long term food storage. It is also great for busy families because it is cheaper than going to the grocery store, and easy to use daily. 

Have you tried Thrive Life products? Are you interested or have questions? Let me know in the comments! 


Click here to visit my Thrive Life website. 

If you are interested in reading about my previous orders, click here for the first one, and here for the second. 


I am a Thrive Life consultant. Which means that every time you click the link to visit my Thrive Life website and make a purchase, I earn a commission. This helps me continue supporting my blog and bringing you this amazing content.


  • Scott J DeNicola

    I have never given much thought to having freeze-dried food but blackberries freeze dried sound perfect. I feel the same way with much of the fruit I buy in the supermarket. It seems to be paast it’s prime by the time you buy it and you’re living on borrowed tiem to eat it before it gets even worse. I will have to check out Thrive. Using these as healthy snacks is a great idea.

    • Mariana Galdofree

      Hi! I haven’t thought before that freezing dried food could be very important for nutrient mantainance. I hadn’t heard of Thrive Life before but I see that what they doing can actually make a big impact on conserving food. And as you wrote, food waste is a big problem and maybe this way of conserving food could help solving this problem.
      Great post!

  • Dreams Abroad

    I love Thrive Life! I actually ordered several cases of various and delish foods. I have recently been extremely pleased with the quality & taste of the food-although we have not tried everything. This is the only food storage food I have found that tastes as good as anything you can get in the grocery store. It is great for everyday use, and will take a minimal amount of effort to figure out how to use as opposed to fresh food.

  • Kayleigh

    I love reading your take on your latest Thrive Life orders! Of your list, the cranberries are my favourite. I love them so so so much and can never go back to “craisins” after trying the freeze dried version! PS I just published a blog post that includes a link back to your site!

  • Alexandra Christensen

    I had to pin this because, other than another post of your I read a while back, I never knew there were so many freeze-dried foods available. I can’t imagine eating freeze-dried mushrooms or peaches or berries but you did make them sound fairly good. And I really hate canned food. I’m with you on the mushrooms!

    I can’t wait to see your trail-mix recipe though you did basically already list the ingredients. I’m not too fond of cranberries, though. I wonder if the freeze-dried cranberries are just cranberries or if they add sugar. I supposed the chocolate that you added would help with that. I think I would go with semi-sweet mini chocolate chips. It’s probably just as bad but it sounds healthier than M&Ms, lol

    • The Prepping Wife

      There is no added sugar or preservatives in any Thrive Life products. That is what is so amazing to me, how great they taste without needing added stuff. Freeze drying is such a wonderful preservation method because it is the closest you can get to fresh food out there. With the trail mix, you could easily swap cranberries for another fruit. I’m working on one using the raspberries and blackberries now. Mini chocolate chips can definitely be used in place of M&Ms too. I find I like the texture of mini chocolate chips better, but I had M&Ms on hand for that trip. Plus my husband picks out all the blue ones for me and saves them because they are my favorite.

    • The Prepping Wife

      I am the same way with the raspberries! I love them so much. The best part is these are a million times better than buying them in the grocery store.

  • Kristin

    I love all freeze dried fruits! Seriously such a great snack for anytime on the go! I usually pick up strawberries, bananas, pears, and peaches! I honestly have never tried freeze dried veggies though. I bet they would make a great addition for soups!!

  • Smita

    These really sound like a great alternative to the fresh stuff, especially for fruits – I’m always anxious about them going bad and end up not buying them half the time! Also so true about having all ingredients on hand – nothing more annoying than a run to the grocery store for one tiny thing.

  • Kelly Martin

    I like the idea of buying these items dried so that you always have them on hand for when you need them. Thrive Life sounds great.

  • Norma

    Having freeze dried food sounds like an amazing idea because you don’t have to run to the store for every little ingredient you are missing. Thrive Life is a great alternative for fresh food.

  • Daphne takahashi

    Great content! so detailed! loved it! Loved the Thrive Life idea too! also, totally agree with you on canned mushrooms, they’re just yack! lol Would love to try the Cranberries from thrive because this ones together with blackberries are sooooo hard to find! and saw your recipe for apple cranberry sauce and it look delicious! thanks for sharing!

  • Lyosha

    Sounds like a nice service! I agree: we often run out of small things to make our food better. I find shopping for berries the hardest for me but I love Blackberries (it’s so tasty, not only healthy). I wish we had such service here!

  • Vicki Patton

    hmm I have never heard of Thrive! We have moved away from canned goods. The problem with fresh is it spoils pretty quickly so we find ourselves getting less food in bulk and going more often to the store more often. And I totally agree with you on the mushrooms piece smh.

  • Thuy

    I’d love to be able to reduce food waste and cut back grocery shopping to once a month. You present a strong case for buying freeze-dried food

  • Britt K

    Freeze-dried food is a great option for preservation. I know that we’re super guilty of having to run to the store before each meal because we’re missing one ingredient or another. I’m going to have to dig into this as an option, a way to stock the pantry without having to worry about how to preserve the foods that we’re purchasing. Thanks for sharing!

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